Did you know Pakistan has world largest deep sea port in Size

Pakistan has very important and strategic location

It's a gift of GOD that Pakistan has a very important location in Asia for world trade. 

Pakistan is the center of trade and increasing its trade day by day. especially when CPEC is announced. Pakistan is working with China on CPEC

to develop the infrastructure of Gawadar Port at the Arabian Sea. Which is the part of Balochistan Province.

Balochistan is famous for its natural minerals in the world.


This Port will act as a portal for western china and all land-locked countries which don't have a sea for their trade.

In all over the world, most of the exports and trade did through hot water sea and those countries who don't have their own port and sea they rely on neighbor countries. as CHINA is investing a lot on CPEC route which will link Gawadar port with China and all other Asian countries and one or two countries of Europe as well.

And Gawadar will do its primary role in all this process. 



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Gawadar port

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Thanks for sharing amazing info.

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