Is this true Tesla coming in India this year ?

Is this true Tesla coming in India this year ?

Please anyone have complete detail tell me . 


Solved 27-03-2021 Raja Fahad Bin 998

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The United States-based electric car manufacturer company Tesla finally coming to India this year.
India’s minister for road and transport also confirmed that they allow tesla to start selling cars in India and Tesla also confirmed that they will start offering cars to consumers this year.
Tesla company CEO said that initially, they will import cars from us but when the proper sales will start in India they are interested to start manufacturing in India also. India is one of the fastest-growing IT markets and because of the population of India and GDP all international companies always take an interest to open their warehouse in India.
According to media reports Tesla most affordable car. The Model 3 is expected to cost Rs 5.5 Million ( $75,250) after accounting for the high import duties.
Tesla has tried to enter the Indian market a few times in the past also, but now the situation has turned in its favor. India is looking to attract investment in its manufacturing sector to boost its economy and counter China’s dominance. Tesla should make the most of this opportunity and its immense fan following in India to grab the early mover advantage.

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